Friday, May 23, 2008

Where we were last May

The VW Camper we drove across Europe

As I write this a year on thoughts go back to may 2007 the 23rd of May to be exact found us crossing the border from Romania into Bulgaria and the start of our new life in a new country. We had travelled across Europe in our VW camper van enjoying the ride and smelling the roses on the way. Always bear in mind any journey you take in life is that much more enjoyable if you take time to smell the roses along the way. We lost a fan belt in France so we were delayed by a day. Belgium,Germany, Austria,Hungry,Romania, and Bulgaria a great five day trip. We travelled and took time to look around. A tip if your travelling across Europe night stops were always taken near or with the lorry drivers. They make great night time companions looking out for you and each other. We arrived in our village to find our house was way off completion this is not uncommon in Bulgaria. So what next well we set up camp in the garden of some friends. They were soon to return to the UK and offered us the use of their house. The house was typical Bulgarian no running water inside, toilet or bathroom, just a shell, and so the adventure began. Unknown to us the villages can suffer from lack of water so our first lesson is to find the local spring and get water in bottles to use for household chores etc. I set to and did my washing in a bowl outside much to the approval of the local ladies. They would stop at the gate and shout BRAVO and clap. They approved of the English woman that did what many of them had been doing for years. We had to walk from the house we were staying in to our house to use the outside toilet yes that is right you read it correct the "outside toilet" funny to think back now we did this for almost 3 months while our renovation took place.

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yvonne said...

what a wonderful life you have. you are liveing the life GOD wanted all of us to live. you must feel BLESSED. you are liveing the way i always wanted to. your trip has keeped me in a dream world of what if ifs... but i have had a very wonderful life with a wonderful man.. so i too am BLESSED. but my one wish would to be like you and beable to live like you are. you are in my prayer and in my heart now. keep up the wonderful life and know that there is one person out there that would love to be were you are at. yvonne