Monday, October 5, 2009

September 2009 Your Say

Well here we are at the end of September. This month I thought it would be great to get some feed back from you guys that read the blog. So here is your chance to take part ..........

Post me a question? request what you would like to see in the blog in future, any ideas welcome.

Maybe you would like to just ask about something you think I have missed about life here in Bulgaria.

Please post as a comment and we will take it from there. Don't be shy ask away or comment.

Thanks in advance let's have some fun with this one.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August 2009 out and about in Bulgaria

A pretty mountain village

The sunset over Rock House

Looking for salmon

The start of a new day........

Well here we are at the end of August where does the time go? September is upon us and the autumn is just around the corner. We had our first rain in months two days ago but it only lasted for a couple of hours. We have all our crops in now nothing left in the garden. I am afraid some of the crops suffered from a lack of water. However we have a freezer full of our garden produce, and a store cupboard full with preserves, jams, compote, sauces, and chutney. It is always very rewarding to know you have planted grown and picked everything and then made food for the winter months.
It was not all work here in August we took some time out and went to see more of Bulgaria. We drove to some very pretty areas with the most beautiful mountains. Again we visited some of the spa resorts. Such pretty places and reasonable prices to indulge yourself in the waters & treatments. All this to do and see right here in our area. We have enjoyed seeing more of this beautiful country and all it has to offer. The Bulgarian people remain warm and friendly and inspirational. They have taught us so much since we arrived here 27 months ago. We are still learning, this year my wood pile did not fall down thanks to being shown the correct way to stack my logs. Yes there is a right and wrong way............................................... Well my friends that is all for this month. We will see you at the end of September.

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009 Out and about in Bulgaria

The Mountains

Pretty Village Church

The Family in the Barn

The Only way to eat in this heat!!!!!

Signs of progress

Here we are at the end of July where does the time go? As you all know we at Rock House took a break. We went out and about. We thought it was time to have a break and see some different areas. We have enjoyed our time away from the house and garden. Although we only did day trips as we still have our animals to think about. This summer there has been some very strange weather. We have had many thunder storms and some very heavy rains. After these it became very hot, however this year the heat came with much humidity. Even our Bulgarian neighours were saying how different this years weather has been. On our travels we visited some beautiful countryside in the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora mountains. It was beautiful to see the mountains ,in this area there are many Spa Resorts. The waters are taken for healing many aliments, the air is fresh and clean. There are many pretty villages nestling in the foothills. Closer to home we have had many different creatures appear this year many insects we have not seen before. We have seen locust here in Bulgaria for the first time. Our own animals have been finding the heat of the day difficult to cope with. However they are clever they find the shade in the day and sleep and go out and about at night. The crops in the garden have been harvested and we have made the preserves for Winter. Our freezer stock is making good progress. The vegetables are all gathered and stored in the freezer for Winter. It is hard to think about Winter when it is so very hot, but we are making plans for the Winter stores of food and logs it will soon be here and the snows will return. The birds have had their young and are making sure the new little ones are feed and ready for the long flights to warmer climates in the Winter. We are going into our third August here in Bulgaria, we have seen changes and progress over this time. The beauty of the country is still a source of amazement to us there is so much to see and we will try to see more of the country very soon. Until next time take care all of you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 2009 We are taking a break.

Hello all of you out there. We at Rock House are taking a break at the moment. We will be back at the end of July.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 2009 times of Change in the Village

The Children Entertain

The Work Starts

The Digger with champagne

The Village Singing Group

A Poppy Field

May this year has been a bit different with the weather. We have had some very nice warm days but mainly humid with some showers. The thunder storms in Bulgaria are spectacular, we get our very own light show. Also the stars in the sky here are awesome, we never knew there were so many stars up there. No light pollution here to distract form the beauty of the night sky.
We in the village are excited because we have a new water main being put in and this menas the water shortage will be much alleviated for all the village. Last week we had a village celebrations to mark the pipeline work. It was well attended and dignitaries form surround villages came to celebrate with our own mayor and the villagers. The digger was launched with a bottle of champagne and the trench was started by some of the visiting dignitaries. The village singing group preformed for us and also the kindergarten children preformed it was a really nice morning in the village old and young and everyone in between turned out and had a enjoyable time. This is what makes village life so interesting. Everyone meeting and getting along together regardless of age.
We have guests in at Rock House at the moment and it is nice to have people around and about the house. We are enjoying the company and hope our guests are enjoying the village.
The crops in the garden are starting to show and soon it will be harvest time and then the work will start preparing for Winter. So much cooking, preserving etc etc. We enjoy this and the fruits are out the mulberries are sweet and juice, the strawberries are delicious, the cherries glisten in the sun and are very sweet, and most other fruits will be along soon. The grape vines were cut back hard this year and are looking as if we will have a bumper crops. May be this year we will try and make our own wine. We are sure the locals will point us in the right direction of how to do this. This is another joy of village life there is always someone ready and willing to share knowledge with us. After all these people have been doing this for years. Our fig tree is laden this year and we are looking forward to picking fresh figs. Our animals are all suffering from the humidity and spend most of the day sleeping and seem to come alive again at night. Our chickens are still giving us wonderful eggs each day. How different an egg fresh from the chicken tastes.
I hope June will be a wonderful month for us here and you where ever you are in the world. We look forward to your company again next month until then we wish you all much happiness. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 2009 Work on the Gardens Start

Veliko Tarnovo

The Blosoms

Horse and Plough

The Horse at Work

April has been a very cold and sometimes wet month. We have had a long Winter here in Bulgaria this year. Our snows did not leave us until March. This being the case we are behind with planting in the garden. Work has just started after having the veggie plot ploughed twice it is now ready for planting. April did see the blossoms out and this year it has been really pretty the mountain awash with blossom, whites, pinks and dark purples. All the spring flowers are out and looking beautiful. The birds are also here preparing for nesting. We have a pair of nesting storks at the bottom of the garden, they are really amazing birds. The wood peckers are also in our garden along with many other small birds. They all fly with amazing accuracy and keep us amused with their antics.
Our chicken keep us well supplied with eggs and we have four fresh eggs each day. Unfortunately we lost two of our hens to birds of prey. We were so sorry to have this happen but being so near the mountain where the birds of prey are, sometimes it is inevitable that this may happen. We keep a close watch on them at all times now and don't leave them out in the garden if we are not there to watch for them. Life here is really hard sometimes and we have learnt many hard lessons along the way. We would not change a thing all the happenings are all part of life's rich tapestry. We are so looking forward to some warmer weather. When we can spend time on the land and grow our fruits and veg. We have come along way with our adventure, our animals the cats, the dog, the chicken all live here at Rock House in harmony, each having a healthy respect for each other. We took a trip to the beautiful city of Veliko Tarnovo not so long along. The drive up through the mountains was amazing and the city itself is very beautiful. Rich in culture and a wonderful panorama.
Well my friends that is about all for this month. We hope you will all keep well. Until next time our good wishes to you all.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

February and March 2009 Spring is on it's way......

Village horse race winner

1st March Celebrations

1st March Baba Marta Day

February icicle

Here we are at the start of April and no post from us for February or March. Well let me explain February was a very dull and cold month with much snow that lasted for a long time so we did not get the chance to get out at all much so nothing much to report to you. We did have a village horse race to celebrate horse and donkey day. On the 1 March we went to the Baba Marta celebrations in Stara Zagora it was a fine day and the celebration was better than last year. Many more people where there and many more taking part there were also visitors from other countries at the celebration and this was splendid. The day turned out to be warm and sunny and everyone from young to old enjoyed the festivities. Baba Marta has seen fit since then to deposit more snow on us in March and the last snows where here until 22 March. Funny really the Storks come back to Bulgaria in March and they usually arrive to sunny warm weather but this year they arrived back on the 19 march to snow on the ground. What a welcome when they had flown all the way from Africa to be meet with snow in Bulgaria. April has had a much better start and the days have been warm and sunny long may it continue is what we say. The Credit Crunch and the global financial climate is taking it's toll here for the ex pats in Bulgaria. Those who came here and were living from the interest of saved money are now finding it a bit of a struggle. Many are reported to be heading back the UK. We are no different than many and we are having to rethink what we do and the way we do things. No way do we wish to return to the UK so much of our time in the last month or so has been planing what and when we can do things to make it better for us to survive here in the current financial climate. I will keep you posted on what happens in the next few months . The blossoms are fantastic and the mountains are a wash with colour from all the blossoms and the little plants that show themselves this time of year. yellows, whites, pinks, and purple plants adorn the mountain and the birds are singing, as are the frog that are now in the pond at the back of the house. The noise from them at night is really something. So all in all the spring is here and the thoughts turn to long hot summer days to come ( we hope). Hilary is taking a trip back to visit family in April so we will return with the blog after her return to Rock House mid April. We have been lucky also we have a long term rental coming in April so this will be pleasant to have guests about Rock House all summer. Well until next time take care and enjoy spring or whatever season it is where you are. See you all at the end of April.