Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 2009 times of Change in the Village

The Children Entertain

The Work Starts

The Digger with champagne

The Village Singing Group

A Poppy Field

May this year has been a bit different with the weather. We have had some very nice warm days but mainly humid with some showers. The thunder storms in Bulgaria are spectacular, we get our very own light show. Also the stars in the sky here are awesome, we never knew there were so many stars up there. No light pollution here to distract form the beauty of the night sky.
We in the village are excited because we have a new water main being put in and this menas the water shortage will be much alleviated for all the village. Last week we had a village celebrations to mark the pipeline work. It was well attended and dignitaries form surround villages came to celebrate with our own mayor and the villagers. The digger was launched with a bottle of champagne and the trench was started by some of the visiting dignitaries. The village singing group preformed for us and also the kindergarten children preformed it was a really nice morning in the village old and young and everyone in between turned out and had a enjoyable time. This is what makes village life so interesting. Everyone meeting and getting along together regardless of age.
We have guests in at Rock House at the moment and it is nice to have people around and about the house. We are enjoying the company and hope our guests are enjoying the village.
The crops in the garden are starting to show and soon it will be harvest time and then the work will start preparing for Winter. So much cooking, preserving etc etc. We enjoy this and the fruits are out the mulberries are sweet and juice, the strawberries are delicious, the cherries glisten in the sun and are very sweet, and most other fruits will be along soon. The grape vines were cut back hard this year and are looking as if we will have a bumper crops. May be this year we will try and make our own wine. We are sure the locals will point us in the right direction of how to do this. This is another joy of village life there is always someone ready and willing to share knowledge with us. After all these people have been doing this for years. Our fig tree is laden this year and we are looking forward to picking fresh figs. Our animals are all suffering from the humidity and spend most of the day sleeping and seem to come alive again at night. Our chickens are still giving us wonderful eggs each day. How different an egg fresh from the chicken tastes.
I hope June will be a wonderful month for us here and you where ever you are in the world. We look forward to your company again next month until then we wish you all much happiness. Thanks for visiting.

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