Sunday, May 3, 2009

April 2009 Work on the Gardens Start

Veliko Tarnovo

The Blosoms

Horse and Plough

The Horse at Work

April has been a very cold and sometimes wet month. We have had a long Winter here in Bulgaria this year. Our snows did not leave us until March. This being the case we are behind with planting in the garden. Work has just started after having the veggie plot ploughed twice it is now ready for planting. April did see the blossoms out and this year it has been really pretty the mountain awash with blossom, whites, pinks and dark purples. All the spring flowers are out and looking beautiful. The birds are also here preparing for nesting. We have a pair of nesting storks at the bottom of the garden, they are really amazing birds. The wood peckers are also in our garden along with many other small birds. They all fly with amazing accuracy and keep us amused with their antics.
Our chicken keep us well supplied with eggs and we have four fresh eggs each day. Unfortunately we lost two of our hens to birds of prey. We were so sorry to have this happen but being so near the mountain where the birds of prey are, sometimes it is inevitable that this may happen. We keep a close watch on them at all times now and don't leave them out in the garden if we are not there to watch for them. Life here is really hard sometimes and we have learnt many hard lessons along the way. We would not change a thing all the happenings are all part of life's rich tapestry. We are so looking forward to some warmer weather. When we can spend time on the land and grow our fruits and veg. We have come along way with our adventure, our animals the cats, the dog, the chicken all live here at Rock House in harmony, each having a healthy respect for each other. We took a trip to the beautiful city of Veliko Tarnovo not so long along. The drive up through the mountains was amazing and the city itself is very beautiful. Rich in culture and a wonderful panorama.
Well my friends that is about all for this month. We hope you will all keep well. Until next time our good wishes to you all.

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