Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 2008 Countdown To Christmas

The First Winter Snow

Greek Countryside

The Beauty of Bulgaria

Winter Storm Clouds

We have had our first snow this year. Although it was not much and it has now gone. We are sure there is much more to come and are thinking that we shall have another White Christmas.........
We have been busy making sure that everything here at Rock House is Winter proof. All the delicate plants and shrubs have been potted up and have been taken inside for Winter. We took a day out a week or so ago and went to Greece for the day. Yes just the day it was a warm sunny day and the drive was so pretty just over an hour from our home. The Greek countryside is very similar to Bulgaria. We visited a town called Orestiados it was a very nice town and we had a wonderful day out. We are planning when the weather is better to also take a day trip to Turkey. This also is only an hours drive from our home. We are lucky to be able to go to other countries just for day trips. The landscape here is changing almost everyday as winter arrives. Every season brings it's own beauty here in Bulgaria. The clear nights are amazing we never knew there were so many stars to be seen in the night sky. There is no light pollution here in the foot of the mountains we stargaze and it is awesome to see so many stars. This leads me to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas Season. Many blessings to you all. We will see you at the end of December Take care.