Friday, May 23, 2008

September 2007 Grape Time.

The Grapes are Ready

From this ....................

To this ....................

The Kittens 7 weeks old

September sees harvest of the grapes and many other fruits and vegetables. We are over whelmed with the amount of gifts in the way of fruit & veg from our Bulgarian neighbours. Hilary is busy in the kitchen making sauces, blanching and freezing the gifts we have received. Most Bulgarian homes will be a hive of activity with the women preparing food for the winter. Pickling, preserving and freezing. We hope that next year we will be doing all of this with our own produce from our garden. We are making plans for the winter now. We have no idea how bad the winter snows will be so it is time to think ahead. We have logs delivered that need to be cut, split and stacked. Wow that is a job in it's self. How do the Bulgarians get such neat and tidy log piles? years of practice is the answer. Albeit wobbly and not so straight we manage to make a log pile for the winter and between now and December every trip to the supermarket we buy just a little extra for the food store. Tony and I are now the proud owners of two very sweet little kittens Mitzy & Jasper one boy and one girl.

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