Friday, May 23, 2008

August 2007 The End of the Renovation is in Sight

One of many parties

The House is looking good

What a difference

We have been in Bulgaria for just over 2 and a bit months. We are really enjoying the village and the new friends we have made. The locals have made us feel most welcome. We have been invited to many celebrations in the neighbourhood. Here in Bulgaria they celebrate their name day, it's a little like a birthday but it is to celebrate their name. The locals are watching with interest our house developing. Often one or two of the villagers can be found wandering around the house looking at how a western house looks and exchanging the odd joke with our builders. They are all intrigued with some of the reshaping that has been going on in the house. For example they are amazed that the once dark and damp store room in the bottom half of our house is now a bedroom. We have been told that the moving in date for us will now be the 14th August great news we can't wait to get into our new home.

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