Friday, May 23, 2008

July 2007 the Heat Continues

The Grapevine

The Goats having a free Meal

July was even hotter and we are still camping out in our friends house. The days are very very hot and we are taking a time to adjust. We have both managed to avoid getting sunburn. We have followed the locals up early in the morning and get your chores done. By midday it is time to go inside and catch up on the chores inside. The time to come back out is around 5 pm when the heat is not so fierce. The evenings are warm and very pleasant the only annoying thing is the bugs and mosquitoes. If you are unfortunate enough to get bitten by a mosquito the cure is at hand with the traditional Bulgaria drink of Rakia. No no you don't drink it you water it down and apply it to your bite and soon it will be soothed and feeling much better. Rakia is made from many different things here grapes,fruits etc. It is very much like a whisky neither of us like it and we laugh with the locals that try their best to get us to drink it. We decline telling them that for us it is like " FIRE WATER" they laugh and nod, and still try to get us to drink it. The local wine is very different we have tasted some absolutely beautiful wines made by our friends and neighbours. Our mission in 2008 is to make our own wine from our own grapes. I will keep you posted.

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