Friday, October 3, 2008

September 2008 Autumn has arrived

Village Crafts

Village Children Entertain

Cats and Chicken in Harmony

The long hot days of Summer have gone now and autumn is here. Chilly mornings and evenings and just warm sun during the days. We have been able to make use of the warm days and are busy turning the ground ready for the winter. We have our log pile all finished now so we have dry logs to burn on the log burner all Winter. This month has been mostly about the animals. We have found out that out of our eleven chickens there are now five cockerels, not really what we wanted as the chickens were for eggs. The breeder we bought them from was phoned but he really was not interested that we had ended up with 5 male birds. So we have sent four of them to live with our friends as they were disruptive towards the hens. So all being well we will now get some eggs. Unless of course more turn out to be male birds. Lets hope not. September sees most of the locals gathering winter fodder for the animals as pasture will be hard to find . Also now the hard work is over in the gardens and all the crops are gathered in, the village starts to have celebrations in September and October. So over the next few weeks there will be parties and dancing singing and everybody having a nice time. I will try and get some nice pictures to post so you can share in the true Bulgarian culture. Now is the time for the local ladies to pursue their handcraft work. These are true works of art. They are very talented and make some amazing items. Until next month take care each and everyone of you.


Valerie said...

Interesting read, as usual ! Love the pictures. It's starting to be chilly here in Canada. Need to turn the heat on !

Looking forward to read some more from you !

K. Fields said...

I love your blog!
It is nice reading about a place that I have never been too, and the photos make it perfect so I can see what your talking about. I love the blue wagon photo, firstly that color blue is my favorite color, and then I just love the design of the wagon.