Thursday, October 30, 2008

The End of October Where Does The Time Go?

Horse and Donkey off to a new home

Pigs off to Market

A Bulgarian alternative to a Wheelchair

Our New Addition Bailey

Well here we are at the end of October. Where does the time go? Eight weeks to Christmas can you believe it. We are having some pleasant days with sunshine, but the evenings are chilly. We have not had to light the log burner yet so that is a good sign. We have a new addition to the family here at Rock House. Her name is Bailey she is a ten month old dog. Her owner had to return to the UK and could not take Bailey with her. We are pleased to have her here, although the cat's might not feel the same yet!!!! They will all get along after a while just like the chickens did. Cats and chicken live in total harmony now and we are sure that Bailey and Mitzy and Jasper eventually will get along just fine. I thought this month I would make you smile with some different modes of transport you see here in the villages of Bulgaria. We often stop and smile at things that to us seem a little strange. This month also is the month for your pumpkins to be used or stored so that fist well with Halloween, Pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread will be made in this house and maybe some pumpkin pie. There is little left in the garden now the odd cabbage or two. Then the ground will be ploughed ready for the spring. That I think is about it for this month. Take care be well all of you. We will see you again at the end of November.


Khyle Dean said...

Haha I like the creativity of the wheelchair. How is Bulgaria?

Valerie said...

Where are the horse and donkey going ?

Frances said...

Baily looks like a sweetheart. Glad that you are enjoying yourselves. BTW, I know that it isn't politically correct in the eyes of PETA, but we ate the cockrels that weren't needed. One rooster is all that a yard can handle without fights. Be sure to choose the fertile eggs of your best layer to have her set. That is the best way to get a good laying flock.